The Widow

The Widow | Lady Reveal Husband Fake Death Plan 2019

The Widow Holywood TV series.

Everyone knows Men and Women created in pairs. So, The reason behind it is that they are major parts of our society. They important role in our society. The common example to explain the relationship of husband and wife is

The Husband and Wife like two tyres of the car. It can run if both tyres working together. If one of them is missing, it will not work.

This is all about the husband-wife relationship. But if the husband died, the woman becomes a widow. The widow term means lady whose husband died no matter by murder, by natural death, or due to some injury.

The Widow Cast:

  • Kate Beckinsale as Georgia Wells
  • Charles Dance as Martin Benson
  • Alex Kingston as Judith Gray
  • Babs Olusanmokun as General Azikiwe
  • Shalom Nyandiko as Adidja
  • Luiana Bonfim as Gaëlle Kazadi
  • Louise Brealey as Beatrix
  • Bart Fouche as Pieter Bello/Hennie Botha
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Ariel
  • Howard Charles as Tom
  • Réginal Kudiwu as Djamba
  • Jacky Ido as Emmanuel
  • Matthew Le Nevez as Will
  • Matthew Gravelle as Joshua

The writer of the story is Harry William and Jack Willaims. The Director of the series is Sam Donovan.  Further, The creator of the series is Harry Williams and Jack Williams.

Time To Reveal Story Of The Widow:

It is the story of a lady whose husband died in a plane crash. But later on, she comes to know that he is living in another country with a different identity. She thinks he is cheated on her. So she decided to follow her husband secretly. She wants to know the truth of why her husband plans a fake death because she is living the life of a widow. How she follow him what truth she comes to know you can know by watching series.

It has only one season with 8 episodes. A short TV series which you will definitely enjoy. It is thrilling full of curiosity and struggle of a woman.

Go and watch this series and have fun.

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